THE ATHOLL CENTRE Pitlochry, Perthshire, is a resource that can respond to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all who use it, on a day or residential basis.

There is extensive provision for those with mobility issues. The Centre can cater for up to 33 residential visitors and there are 4 public rooms of varying size, some with specific resources available that can be used by both residential guests and daily users. Browse our  information about the work and activity of the Centre and photographs which illustrate its quality interior and attractive surroundings.


The Centre is adjacent to Pitlochry Baptist Church and shares its Christian ethos.  The Centre seeks to show respect, consideration, and hospitality to all who work in it and to all who visit, wherever they come from.  It welcomes all as human beings loved by God, and it seeks to share His acceptance and care with everyone who comes through its doors.

There are no current vacant positions.