Already Achieved

New beds and fewer bunks
The majority of rooms are now twin rooms.
New furniture
New dining room furniture & comfy chairs for our small lounge.
Self catering flat
The former staff flat is nowa vailable for rent and has become very popular.
Eco heating & hot water
In response to the survey noting how inefficient our old heating system was, we changed the heating system to renewable fuels: a wood pellet boiler and solar panels – better for the environment and for our purse. We also got new loft and cavity wall insulation to make us more energy efficient. We have a picture gallery of the process and the open day we held to celebrate the new system on our Facebook page. The new system cost about £47,000 and was funded by Community Energy Scotland, Rural Tayside LEADER programme 2007 - 2013, the Gannochy Trust, Atholl Centre supporters and Pitlochry Baptist Church.
New double glazing
The Climate Challenge Fund gave us funding for replacing most of our single glazed windows with double glazing. This means we now have new windows and front door for the chalet and a new main entrance and kitchen door. The pyramid roof lights in the dining room roof have also been replaced with new, more thermally efficient triple skin roof lights. These areas are so much cosier - easier to heat and no dampness. Thanks CCF!
Disabled friendly automatic door opener
We installed a disabled friendly push pad automatic door opener for our main entrance in June 2012 costing £3,000. A big thank you to everyone who helped us raise the money. It was well worth it!
Community use
Now we are used by various community adult education groups, support groups, community youth group and arts & music groups, as well groups as from Pitlochry Baptist Church – it’s really exciting!
Package flexibility
We adapt to the needs of each group - meals, facilities, price - and we help groups and individuals plan local activities.
Good food
"Food was awesome" - Dan
We now have homemade jam for breakfast!
Internet presence
This website is constantly under development, we have a blog and we are on Facebook.
Card payments
Guests now have the option of paying by credit/debit card through Paypal.
Reaching out
Our marketing volunteer has now been appointed as part time fund raiser and we are planning to recruit a development officer in 2013/14 subject to funding. We have just brought out a new website in 2013 to make us even more visible.
Going green
As well as renewable heating we are recycling, watching our water use, using energy saving bulbs and insulating where required.

All of this has helped the work of the Centre to start growing again and helped us to be there for all those people mentioned in our news & prayer letters.