Opportunities To Grow

Ground floor plan

Chalet - built 1971 (Now refurbished - Sep 2014)

A recent buildings survey revealed that we need to upgrade the facilities. So we thought...

“If it has to have major work done anyway, why not go further…”

The big idea:

"Let’s improve and increase our disabled facilities and make the chalet into a disabled friendly self-catering apartment."

The proposal:

One bedroom with wheelchair en-suite, 2 other bedrooms with walk in en-suite facilities plus a kitchen/dining room and living room area also suitable for disabled guests. This can be used as a separate apartment or as part of our main group accommodation.

Conference Room (Fundraising for this now)

The survey also told us the glass windows at the end of the dining room need replacing. So we thought...

The big idea:

" Our conference space upstairs is good but not accessible for wheelchair users. Let’s move that space downstairs to make it fully accessible. This would increase our potential for both disabled and community use. We could then change the use of the space upstairs."

The proposal:

> To extend the dining room and have an open and shut soundproof partition so it can be one very large room or two good sized rooms. This will give us both dining and accessible conference space. The new conference room will also have a built in audio-visual system complete with loop for hearing impaired guests.

>To refurbish the large upstairs conference room to create 3 extra en-suite bedrooms.

En-suite Showers (Now refurbished - Feb 2015)

The survey also told us some of our showers need retiling, so we thought:

The big idea:

"Why not go a step further….We’d like to take the Centre into the 21st century. People are asking for en-suite facilities now. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make all our bedrooms en-suite? We could start with the disabled showers on the ground floor."

The proposal:

To integrate our current disabled showers into room 8 to make an en-suite disabled shower & toilet and then readjust other room space to make new en-suite facilities for our other bedrooms. All of our downstairs bedrooms will be disabled en-suite, resulting in one room less downstairs in the main block. Upstairs we will install standard en-suites, gaining another new bedroom from where the existing shared showers and toilets are.

Improved Accessibility (Work in progress)

We want to improve accessibility throughout the building, so as well as making all new ground floor facilities fully wheelchair friendly and bringing our conference room downstairs, we will be putting in extras for deaf and blind guests as well e.g. a loop system for the hard of hearing in the conference room, vibrator fire alarms, tactile and colour contrasted signing and floor guides etc. We're very excited about all the possibilities.

Space for Staff (Achieved Aug 2013)


Finally, as we grow we will need more staff and more room for them. As it is there isn't enough space in the office for the 3 people frequently working together. Our stop-gap solution was to buy a laptop so the reception lounge could be used as a temporary office space. Changing the reception lounge to permanent office space makes sense as it brings the office staff to reception, rather than having to be summoned by a bell (or a shout!), and so makes them more available. Changing the current office space to a staff bedsit means that we can have proper staff accommodation on-site again, enabling us to do more midweek B&B to help us fund the discounts we give as part of our subsidy fund. Currently our B&B is limited to the summer and autumn holidays when we can recruit people to sleep over (in a guest bedroom) and be responsible for fire safety and other bumps in the night. All this will help us grow our service and make us more available.

Ground Floor

Ground floor plan

First Floor

First floor plan


Planning permission has now been granted. Fantastic!

Now we've got a building warrant too, but still need to raise funds for the conference room first and then the first floor.

Last year we were supported by gifts from trusts, churches and many individuals and these gifts have helped to make a huge difference to how well we can care for our guests and give them the rest & relaxation or great conference experience they needed. Young and old, disabled and able-bodied, a whole range of people have benefited from their stay at the Centre and that's what we want to see continue and grow. Your gift can help too and support life-changing conferences and holidays.