1. Growing through prayer

2. Training

3. Enabling

4. Fundraising

5. Refreshing


Growing through Prayer

Plant some seeds. Think about each step

* Preparation

* Planting

* Watering

* Putting in a sunny place

* Waiting

As you watch your seeds grow, pray for us to grow too using these steps as a guide.


Please pray that God will help the Centre to continue to fulfil its vision by enabling people from all walks of life to grow through training, bridge building and refreshment. Founded 40 years ago, and built largely by Scottish Baptists, we need to bring the building up to today’s standards and make it even more accessible for disabled guests.


This is what we hope to do:

* Phase 1 – renewing our heating & hot water system - achieved.

* Phase 2 – building a new, accessible conference suite on the ground floor by extending and dividing the dining room, then transforming the current upstairs conference room into 3 en-suite bedrooms.

* Phase 3 – Conversion and upgrading of the chalet (ground floor 4 bedroom block) into a disabled friendly self catering unit. - achieved Sep 14

* Phase 4 – Conversion of other ground floor bedrooms to disabled friendly en-suite accommodation. - achieved Feb 15

* Phase 5 – Conversion of upstairs bedrooms to en-suite.


Prayer points:


* for Iain & his team as they make sure everything is just right before the plans are finalised

Give thanks that the plans have been finalised after much discussion and many drafts. The team are now sure they are the best solution to providing for the needs of our guests in an inclusive way and supporting people when they come to the Centre to learn new things, build bridges and be refreshed.

* for the architect
Give thanks for planning permission - granted at the beginning of May 2012.  Building warrant has now been granted too (Nov 14)

* for the project manager
Finding the right people to approach for the mandatory 3 quotes. Praise God for answered prayer. The right contractors have been found for the chalet, en-suites and now the conference room.

* for the fundraising committee
- As they meet regularly to promote prayer and giving, for inspiration and good communication

- As they approach Trust Funds

- As they produce publicity

- As they co-ordinate fund raising events

Still fundraising for the conference room. Please pray we'll get there soon.


Give thanks for the completion of phase 1 – the replacement of the heating system.

We now have an eco-friendly wood pellet boiler and solar panels - up and running and paid for. (Cost – approx £47,000)

“ It’s brilliant because it saves our planet and saves us money.”

Give thanks for a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund for conversion of most of our single glazing to double glazing. This has made us even more energy efficient, complimenting the boiler project and has greatly increased the comfort of the Centre as well as improving its appearance. (Cost - just under £16,000)


Give thanks that the chalet and en-suites are now both complete. We now have 6 disabled en-suite bedrooms and a disabled friendly self-catering apartment. What a difference!



"Be persistant in prayer, giving thanks to God. At the same time pray also for us, so that God will give us a good opportunity to preach his message about the secret of Christ." Col 4:2 & 3


We are Christ in our community … “always ready to give an answer to those who ask the reason for our hope”

1 Peter 3:15


Put in a sunny place

Pray for God's blessing on our service and our growth, so that He can shine through



Keep in touch. Follow our blog and facebook and see what happens. If you'd like our newsletter emailed to you, drop us a line at


Thank you



The Centre was built for training, originally focussing on young people of all abilities, and now expanded to include all age groups. Our plans for the future include making an accessible ground floor conference space as the lift is no longer working. During the week groups with mobility problems can use the church for conference space as well as the end of the dining room, which has been separated off with a curtain as a temporary measure.

We host a large number of training groups - many church weekends, SU base camp was here in February, UFM holds their annual conference here etc. We even had the first residential training day for supporting people with mental health problems in the church. Others come as day groups: the local council has its English as a foreign language group here and its adult literacy group.U3A - retired folks education - has many sessions here, including a computer class. P & K Adult education are running more computer classes this year and assertiveness training as well. Arthritis care and the MS society have both had pain management training workshops here. The Perth & Kinross Volunteer service use us for education days and taster sessions in Pitlochry. They find it a comfortable, friendly and relaxed venue and enjoy our up-to-date training facilities with wifi and media projector - a must have these days.


* Please pray for churches and Christian groups training here - that Christ's kingdom will be extended through what people learn here.

* Pray for good times of teaching and good times of relaxation too. Any trainer will tell you the value of a good break to expand heart, mind and soul, and here in Pitlochry we have the perfect environment with its breathtaking scenery and fantastic outdoors activities.

* Pray for all the training which is helping people to expand their horizons, leading to personal fulfilment and the realisation of potential.

* Pray for training which is teaching people how to care for others and respect them.

* Pray for training which is encouraging people to have self-respect and the belief that they are loved and valued.

* Pray for training which builds people up and gives them the courage to take life on, no matter what knocks they have taken.


3. Enabling


The Centre also supports disadvantaged as well as disabled and chronically ill groups. We have inner city church groups, alcoholics anonymous, groups with drug problems, children from difficult backgrounds and a homeless group. We have even had holidays for asylum seekers. We also have lunch clubs for the elderly coming for holidays and day groups for mental health support and support for adults with learning disabilities. As well as having time out from their day to day lives, many groups are enthusiastic about the care they receive here. They love the food and the chat and being seen as people, not labels. They appreciate the way we cater for their diets and other special needs. "Iain, you go the extra 10 miles" said the ME group, who come every year for a week's break.

* Please pray for good and refreshing holidays

* Pray for good ideas and inspiration to move forward as they network together

* Pray for good health to enjoy their breaks (it's not the first time we've had to call an ambulance)

* Pray for helpful training, both for carers and for those who are cared for.

* Pray especially that each individual is afforded dignity and allowed and encouraged towards personal fulfilment and not hindered by their label

* Pray for us as we minister to these groups


4. Fundraising


The Centre has an important role in supporting fundraising.

* Cyclists from SU use Pitlochry as a stop on their annual Altnacriche to Lendrick Muir fundraising bike ride and stay overnight at the Centre.

* Hand in Hand charity have made a few Land's End to John o' Groats bike rides and stop in Pitlochry. Folk from the church usually put them up and last time some of them stayed at the Centre.

* Etape Caledonia, a national charity bike ride and race, is based at the Centre every May. They raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Care.

Give thanks for safety on the road and pray for successful fundraising

* Madcaps drama group rehearse at the Centre every week & then raise money for charity with their performances.

Give thanks for a generous donation from their last performance towards the Centre improvements and another local charity.

* The Atholl craft fair (twice a year for 2 weeks at the centre) also raises money for charity as well as supporting local artists.

Please give thanks for artistic inspiration and for the way these groups care for each other and for others in society.

* Pitlochry Baptist Church use the dining room for their annual tea & doughnuts fundraiser for projects overseas, for their Tear Fund lunches and for bring and buy sales too. The last one was to raise funds for a building project in Africa.

Give thanks that Pitlochry Baptist is an outward looking church and pray for their work both in their local community and overseas.


5. Refreshing

A Gentle Presence.

Holiday makers come here for B&B from all over the world and enthuse about the warm & friendly service and relaxed atmosphere. We promote a gentle Christian presence, supplementing our caring service with a Christian bookstall for people to browse, a Bible in every bedroom and leaflets inviting visitors to local churches. As staff we consider ourselves "always ready to give an answer to those who ask for the reason for our hope" 1 Peter 3:15. So if people want to know more about Jesus, we help, but if they don't, we hope they'll at least take away a sense of being well cared for in God's name.

Holidays with a clear conscience

Ethical tourism is growing more popular nowadays and holidays at the Centre qualify too:

1. We are a green venue, with our new eco heating and hot water system and our recycling and careful water use policies, so people can come her with a cleaner conscience about the impact of their holiday on our planet's resources, especially if they also cycle or use public transport to get here.

2. Did you know that when people stay at the Centre for B&B or in our self-catering flat they are supporting our subsidy fund? As a social enterprise we are non-profit making. This doesn't mean we don't make a profit, but instead that any profits we do make are re-invested into our service. Our subsidy fund supports disabled, disadvantaged and chronically ill people, enabling them to come to the Centre for life changing holidays and conferences they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

* Please pray for our witness as we receive people from all around the world when we open for B&B.


* Pray too for those who rent out our self-catering flats throughout the year - some who know the Lord and some who don't. Pray also that we will be conscientious in our support and care and that God will use us and shine through us.


*Please pray for guests who have been referred to us by their pastor or charity for a retreat, or much needed individual or family break. May they be truly refreshed and renewed.